Faith in Doubt-Catholic Mass Gospel Reading John 20:24-29

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Today’s Mass gospel reading recounts the story of Thomas, one of Jesus’ disciples, who initially doubted the resurrection of Jesus but later affirmed his faith upon encountering the risen Christ.

Faith and Doubt

These verses highlight an important aspect of faith and doubt within the the Christian experience. Thomas, who was not present when Jesus first appeared to the disciples, expressed skepticism about their claims. He declared that he needed tangible evidence to believe in the resurrection. Thomas desired to see and touch the wounds of Jesus, wanting physical proof of his Lord’s resurrection.


Jesus Appears

A week later, Jesus appeared to the disciples again, and this time Thomas was present. Despite the doors being locked, Jesus entered their midst and greeted them with peace. He directly addressed Thomas, inviting him to see and touch the evidence he had requested. In this encounter, Jesus demonstrated great understanding and compassion for Thomas’ doubts.

Upon seeing Jesus and witnessing the scars from the crucifixion, Thomas immediately acknowledged Jesus as “My Lord and my God!” This powerful confession signifies Thomas’ transformation from doubt to faith. It illustrates that encountering the resurrected Christ can lead to a profound conviction and belief.

Faith Does Not Rely Only on the Physical

However, Jesus also made a significant statement that extends beyond Thomas’ experience. He acknowledged Thomas’ faith but highlighted the value of belief without physical sight. Jesus stated, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” This statement conveys the idea that faith does not rely solely on physical evidence or personal encounters with the divine. Jesus speaks to the faith of future generations who would come to believe in him without physically seeing him.

The Importance of Faith

The passage teaches several important lessons. Firstly, doubt is not inherently negative or sinful but can be a natural part of the human experience. Thomas’ doubt was met with understanding and grace from Jesus, assuring us that our doubts can be addressed by God. Secondly, the passage emphasizes the significance of encountering the risen Christ. Thomas’ doubts were resolved through a personal encounter with Jesus, leading to a profound transformation of faith. Finally, Jesus’ words acknowledge the faith of those who would believe in him through the testimony of others or the spiritual experience without physical sight. This highlights the importance of faith as a deeply personal and spiritual journey.


Encouragement and Reassurance

Overall, this passage offers encouragement and reassurance to those who may wrestle with doubt and reinforces the idea that faith can be obtained and strengthened through encountering the living Christ, whether through personal experiences or by embracing the testimony of others. It also recognizes and blesses those who hold unwavering faith even in the absence of physical evidence.

The above video reflection on this passage highlights another aspect of Thomas’s reaction to the experiences of his fellow disciples in their seeing the risen Jesus Christ, before he did. Watch it and share your comments on the take that is presented there.

If this video and reflection on the gospel passage highlighted today was helpful for you, please let me know in the comments and share this post with others. Thanks!

God bless

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